Unlike many agencies, we cater for and invest in you, individually, to help you grow in the industry.

We are committed to not only casting, but mentoring and coaching our talent through the often complex industry.
This includes working on independent films, from associated film makers, including our own (V-Pac Productions) as well as those from Universities.
Professional acting lessons and workshops are also regularly offered, alongside affordable headshots, guidance and show reel development.

Reasons to use V-Pac Casting:


We work closely with a number of groups and companies, enabling our clients to be seen in their best light.


Located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, V-Pac Casting is ideally situated. No more than a few hours from most industry locales.


V-Pac Casting came to fruition in 2014 upon an actors love for the industry and the desire to help others into the roles that they deserve.


Following years in the industry, we've created many good working relationships with leading production companies and other industry leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to the industry, what can I expect?

The industry can be quite daunting at first, but we will be with you every step of the way. Due to the nature of filming, there may well be long periods of waiting time or indeed, times where you may not be used.

Unlike a lot of other agencies, we are able to offer a variety of independent film opportunities.

What sort of rates can I expect?

For independent film, rates tend to vary dependent on budget, it may be expenses only or even at the rate of National Minimum Wage.

Otherwise rates are generally in line with the FAA Rate Card (available here ), some castings may vary either way.

How often should I expect to be working?

Due to the nature of the industry it's not easy to predict, however we will working hard to provide you with as many opportunities as possible.

Due to our ongoing working relationships with many independent film makers we are in a better position than most to provide you with castings within the industry.

What hours would I be expected to work?

Hours vary between jobs. On a casting you could be contracted for anything from an hour to 12 or even multiple days.

For larger productions, castings may span several months.

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